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Basic Ways You Can Show Love To Your Partner

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In a relationship, showing and receiving love is very important and should come naturally. We may want to spend a lot of money to buy things that we feel they will love, and that is a beautiful thing. But you will be surprised that these little things count. Here are five ways to show your partner that you truly love them:
1. Listen.
Pay attention and listen to your partner. Remembering their birthday, or a little thing they had mentioned in the past tells them that you value everything they say. When you listen to them, you understand them and this is a step towards better communication in your relationship.
2. Observe.
Look into their eyes. Pay constant attention to their actions and gestures. They may not tell you exactly how they feel at a particular point in time, but observing them will help you know.
3. Do things for them.
Help out with chores. Send a small good luck note on the day of their interview. Do things that they like doing with them. Rub their back, feet or belly to soothe them.
4. Encourage them 
Encourage them when they are down. Reassure them of their strengths and capabilities. Pray with them.
5. Say it.
I love you.

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