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Lekki Residents Trapped in Their Homes Due to Floods (photos, videos)

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Lekki residents have been sharing photos of the present sorry state of their streets on Instagram and all over social media, the heavy rains is preventing them from going about heir usual business and day to day running.
One of them who handles popular instagram account, Diary of a Naija Girl, wrote thus:

Everyone who lives in the lekki AXIS from the 1st round about to VGC get in here. We need to understand why we pay huge sum to buy and rent houses but this is what we step out to when it rains

I've asked people who stay on the mainland and they say all is well in their area. This is not something to laugh about. This picture is right in front of my house, I wonder where all the estate levy I pay goes to. I can count Atleast 10people who drive exotic cars in my estate but when you ask them to contribute money to repair and clear the drainage, that's when all sorts of accent will surface- American, Ghanaian, Bri'ish, etc
Now we're all stuck at home and you'd think this is the time to think about doing something or charge the government to action or just do it ourselves!
As for me, I won't be paying any estate levy until everyone is ready to discuss how this situation will stop happening

....Why do we pay so much to live on the island?

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