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I have watched most of my male friends suffered this curse, most times I often wondered if they could not have seen the penalties of what they were embarking on from the Start, I have heard, watch some of them cried, some of them give up on love, and I have even seen some of them almost give up on life and everything in it.

The last one that broke the water out the camel’s hush was when my best friend called to intimate me on how a lady he has being crushing on for years said “no” to him.
I was hurt and bittered, I felt his pain, but his lovel of foolishness baffles me too. The pain was painful when he said all ladies are the same, they make us fall for them then they say “No” When you take the courage to ask them out.
Because I love the strong males out there and I do not want to see them weaken, I will be discussing five things guys do that makes ladies they love to date friend zone them.

1. Don’t ever show your weakness.

I have met a lot of guys whom because they love a female friend, they would do anything, give these sets of ladies various reasons to take them for granted.
I understand you are trying to let them you know you can be weak, but trust me That Won’t make a lady love you. No woman wants a weak man, as far as you have not started dating, don’t ever show you are weak.
In a situation where you are brought to being weak, all you need do is showcase your strength. This is one major reason any lady you are crushing on might decided to friend zone you.

2. Don’t be the good guy.

This is one Of The most unbelievable things about ladies but trust me it is the truth.
No lady out there wants a guy who wants to flaunt his being good, every lady out want a good who is not shocked to loss her when you have her at some times but not all times , but when you started making it look like you can not live without Someone who is not yet attached to your life, you will give them the ability to want to keep you as friend. It is a normal thing every lady want to do, they always what to keep the good guy as friends but prefer to date the bad guys.

3. Don’t be too familiar
This is not a sensible reason why ladies friend zone guys who they know has being crushing over them for years. I can’t date a guy because I know everything about him, for example I once friend zone some one I know was madly in love with me, not because he was not good enough but just because I knew him right from when I was very young, I know so much about him, I could not bring myself to fathom why we should be lovers.

So many ladies out there feels this way too, she can always come to you for advice, you are always there to support her emotion when she is hurt, trust me she would see no reason to be a lover. She will prefer to be good friends with you. Either average friendship or great friendship, both still Means you are at the friend zone.

4. Don’t be too tender.

One mistake guys always make before dating ladies whom they have being in love with for years is being too tender. They prefer to leave things undone for the sake Of The lady they are in love with.

Have you ever wondered if she might just hate the fact that you can spear your important schedule just to please her? Well you need to consider questions like this often when dealing with someone you have being crushing on for years.
My friend once told me why she won’t date another friend of ours, who we all know loves her so much, I asked why and she said
” Can’t You See he doesn’t concentrate on his important work once I’m around ”
She was not ready to be cut in for that.
5. Don’t be too understanding.

Some guys actually have problem, they are the origin of why all their female friends would love to friend zone them. They understand everything, they are always subjective, never will they ever be objective.
A lot of ladies out there do not like guys who are too understanding at every stages of life. You understand why she cheated on her ex, you understand why she does this, that and so on! Of course my brother you are giving her reasons to know you will understand the reason why she chose to friend zone you.

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