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World Anxiously Waits on Kenya Election, says Obasanjo

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World anxiously waits on Kenya election, says Obasanjo

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo says the world is anxiously waiting for the final outcome of Kenya’s presidential vote from Tuesday.
He also congratulated the people of Kenya over what he described as the "relative peace" that has attended the campaign and preparation for the just-concluded elections.
In a statement on Thursday, he urged peace and non-violence over the allegation of hacking into the electoral system, noting that it was a technical issue that should be left for non-partisan committee to look into.
"The world is waiting for the final declaration of the election and the reactions.  Allegations of hacking into the electoral system have been made.  This, of course, as a technical issue must be thoroughly investigated by a non-partisan Committee of experts, no matter what the final declaration of the election result is,” he said.
"The world is also waiting anxiously to see that peace continues to prevail after the formal declaration of the election result.  Those of us who are friends of Kenya and who believe that peaceful election in Kenya, like in any other African country, is necessary to stabilise democracy in Africa and lay the foundation for strong economic development, unity and progress are also anxious.
"It will not be in the interest of anybody in Kenya to have to resort to International Criminal Court again.  We appeal for peace, non-violence and dialogue as the eyes of the world is on Kenya and we can’t do better than to show that electorally, Kenya has come of age."
Reports indicate at least five people have been killed in post-election violence as, after opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed "massive" fraud in Tuesday's vote.

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