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Have Been Wasting my Time as a Comedian - Teju Babyface narrates his story

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- Teju Babyface recently made a shocking statement about his career

- He revealed that the many years he spent working as a comedian were a waste
- But he is thankful because he has since found his true calling
When it comes to career choices, people’s choices differ. And In an age where people do jobs not because they love them, but because of the money involved, it is understandable when people make statements like the one Teju Babyface made recently.
The former comedian and popular TV host recently declared that all the years he spent as a stand-up comedian was nothing but a waste of time.
“To say the truth, all the years I spent doing stand-up comedy were nothing but a waste of time. It was later I found out my calling is in mentor ship and teaching. That is why I am doing this now", he said.
Teju Babyface details how he wasted precious time working as a comedian
Teju Babyface (Image courtesy Google)
Teju also added that mentoring and teaching and his television programme, The Teju Baby Show has given him the opportunity to fulfil his life calling.
Having launched his Teju Baby face Academy, he further said people can work hard and still leave in penury advising everyone to work smart and find what they can do effortlessly but in excellence so that they can add value, because it is only when you add value that you will get wealth easily.
Well said Teju, well said.

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