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Why Girls Like Bad Guys and How To Become One

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Many men can’t understand why girls like bad guys and how they attract good and sweet girls. After all, it may seem that good guys attract more attention and love of girls, but it is quite the contrary for some reason.

In fact, not every woman can say why she likes a particular man. However, there are some distinctive features that women appreciate in bad men.
1. Their courage. The first and most important thing that attracts women in bad guys is courage. Princes from fairy tales are gentle, kind and tender. Of course, many women like this, but sooner or later they get bored with them, and bad guys will always surprise. A gentle, easy-going, well-groomed man who gives flowers, invites on dates under the moon and thinks about how to make a purpose, more often is considered by a woman as an excellent true friend, with whom she can talk heart-to-heart. Bad men show a maximum of qualities that are not inherent to women, so the fair cex feels quite differently near such men.

2. Reliability. Good guys are very compliant and rarely show their character so as not to scare women. But this is not attractive because bad men can provide women with reliability. Such men are often leaders, so real women want to obey and show their weakness. Bad men are selfish, they look good, impulsive and strong both morally and physically, so many women want to give birth to a child from them. Same factors are taken into an account when it comes to dating interracial partners.

3. Good cex. A bad guy rarely thinks about whether it is good for a woman while having cex. This is due to his incredible selfishness, but this doesn’t stop any woman. Contrary to logic, a woman prefers not the one who thinks about her and gives her maximum pleasure, but someone who is controlled only by his own desires. Such men are irresistible in cex, don’t stop to ask partners about whether it’s good for them, they just do everything the way they like. The thirst for hot passionate cex is one of the decisive reasons for choosing a partner.

4. The desire to tame. Many women don’t know how to feel weak. Some men love their women, blow out specks of dust, give gifts, warm in cold weather and realize women’s dreams, and others don’t call for weeks, disappears and even can say rudeness sometimes. And here women’s interest appears: they want to change them, tame and adjust to themselves. Of course, it is difficult for women to justify or explain this behavior, but they just quickly become bored with exemplary and positive men, and bad guys don’t let them relax. So if you treat your girlfriends like this, it may be the reason why you are still single. Such a relationship can be called walking on the edge of a knife, but many women are consciously doing it.

5. The absence of fears and complexes. It is difficult to find a woman who is 100% sure of herself, but it’s also difficult to find a man who would point out her shortcomings with great clarity and without embarrassment. A good guy has a high level of education and intelligence, and a bad guy doesn’t care — he can say what he wants without being ashamed of his thoughts. Therefore, he may easily tell a woman that she has an excess weight or that she is ugly. Any representative of the fair cex comes in shock in such a situation, but she may want to prove that she is not like that. She goes to the gym, eats health food, makes a new hairstyle and buys expensive cosmetics. Criticism of a bad guy is perceived as a challenge, so a girl makes every effort to prove the opposite. It is unlikely that she will be interested in him, but the compliments of other men are ineffective because she has to cope with one man. However, there is a high probability that this woman will get sympathetic to such a critic and will suffer for many years, believing that she is not worthy of it.

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