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How To Empower Your Kids Against Sexual Abuse

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Lately, there has been recurrence of children been sexually abused. The news of children being abused is almost heard everyday. There is almost no safe place for them, They are repeatedly abused by those who are to protect them. From their fathers to the uncles, teachers and neighbors. Those that abuse children sexually are referred to as ‘Pedophile’. Pedophile are those sexually attracted to children. Pedophiles suffer from a psychiatric disorder called ‘Pedophilia’ experiencing a sexual attraction to children. Normally, Pedophiles should be up to the age of 16 years.
Here is how to keep your child safe from been sexually abused
Act before it too late
Keep the communication open between yourself and your child. For your child to be attacked by someone she trust is traumatic for her. Having the courage to speak up over an abuse either in school or home is very difficult or almost impossible. Making the environment comfortable for your child is the best. Fill the gap between you and your child, make it possible for them to confide in you. Give her a home where she is fearless and her words are taken seriously.
Build her to address sexual abuse
It has been advised to start teaching your child names of the body part as young as two years. Often times, abused children don’t know what to say or how to describe the situation to their parents. Their vagina might be hurting them and don’t know how to say it. copyright 
mother and daughter
mother and daughter
Be an active parent
Build a connection with your child’s teacher. This could give the abuser that the child has the support from her parent. Make sure you are always there for your child. Most times, the abusers chose naive victims. copyright
Teach them to seek help
Tell her to seek help whenever she sees something suspicious. Let her get connected to her teachers at school and with you at home.
Discuss the safety policies with the school
It is your right as parents to discuss the safety policies of your child with the school. It not a sign of disrespecting. If they don’t have any then you speaking up will help them.
Source: Naijapr

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