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Our trials with impostors as children held a particular persona for us. We held the myth that impostors were spirits in the human plane. Any person who unveiled the character of the "person" behind the cover would quit fooling around embrace or train. All over, you might be ousted completely from the group of the little playgroup of experience driven kids who gathered in the midst of joyful conditions to make cloak for the extravagant seasons. 

Today, we know better. Masquerades are made by man, worn by man prevalently to mask the human segment, and to draw out the bewildering imagery of "spirits". 

Despite the likelihood that the master of the land or a town revolt were to wear a comparative cover it does never hint at change the "gravity" of the cloak, despite when the man behind it has changed. 

As we work this experience into the political plane, we see that the work environment of the President in Nigeria looks like a shroud anyone could wear. Hooligans or even individuals, with recolored social or political records could transform into a President. What the larger part would then watch is the substance of the working environment, while the face and character of the one behind the working environment are submerged in full scale bewilder. 

Think pioneers don't give anyone space for long and futile hypotheses. They ascend with the force and master of reason. Such pioneers are overpowered by the vision and focuses of their drive. Their exercises, and obligations with respect to expert measures, would convey shining affirmation too sharp to be in any capacity clouded by the cynicism or even the all things considered responses of their adversaries. 

Nelson Mandela's life and political experience were totally devoted to solid destinations. He held a fantasy that transformed into the turn and the primary driving force of his life: "That South Africa would be free". He turned out with his life as a charge to this raised dream. His targets were clear; his emotions were as sharp as the criticalness of his order as an open door warrior. 

Such unprecedented confirmation and brilliant valor even with hazard, downfall, despise, extremism stood him out in the anteroom of human achievements. 

Choices in Nigeria for a long time have been orchestrated and executed with known outcomes. Social events pick consume bearers who are generally supporters to party chieftains and kingmakers. Right when such candidates create, they fly the standard of their get-together, and make their power framework and conviction framework on disgraceful social affair interests. 

Nigeria needs a pioneer or his own one of a kind pioneer mind. One who is without party standpoint. His organization is tossed on the overall vision of building a nation that is more prominent than him and his social occasion arrange. He won't read his fantasies or desires from stale articulations of paid substance columnists, however his exercises will draw from the bounties of floating considerations enhanced by inventive engagements of his mind, controlled by the components he had always wanted. 

His ethnic origination won't immediate his lead or choice of courses of action. 

His identity is not cold. His fantasies must transform from the vague, powerful shape to strong objects of sensible estimations. He will create roads; give power, homes and sustenance for the all inclusive community, yet similarly as a standard, basic commitment of state. He goes past this to set measures of respectability, strong good regards, and would live by rational representation. 

Nigeria require a man not a president. A genuine man. A man free of cloak. Free of the "Nigeria Persona". 

He should do what needs to be done who is not subject to riddle of the overall public he is driving – all attempting to comprehend his personality, or what truly matters to him. 

A man with the adaptability of cerebrum and inward voice to work without the traditional requirements that speak to the zone of myths. 

Such a man will never have been in my playgroup as a child. Had he, by then we would be battling with the danger of attempting to unmask him.

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