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Is This Man.City Team The Best Premier League Team Of All Time? Of Course Not

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Since the beginning of the season, Manchester City have been rolling over teams with a sort of ease and swagger we haven't seen on English soil since...well Arsenal's Invincibles. It isn't an overstatement to say they've been, by a country mile, the best Team in the league. They've won the most games, (9), have the most points (28); scored the most goals (39) and more importantly, have played the best football and have only on one occasion looked like losing.

There is a technicality and tactical superiority in their play and general organisation, that, for now at least, makes it look as if the EPL is destined for the blue part of Manchester. To further buttress that argument, they also have one of the hallmarks of all Guardiola's team - stinginess in Possession and the ability to hold on to the ball and dictate play. You can't hurt them if you don't have the ball.

This has led many pundits, especially the British Media to start comparisons with other premier league great teams, especially the Invincibles (who went a whole season unbeaten), but i believe that's too early. All great teams have one thing in common - they've all won the league, and you don't do that after only 10 games, and in a league as competitive as the EPL, leading by a mere 4 points with 28 games remaining is actually nothing, although you would have to say they are in a much better position than any other team. 

They may be at the Pole position now, but football, like most people will tell you, is mental as much as physical, or tactical. A loss can do as much damage as anything else, and the ability to navigate or react after one will be key. They've not gone through a bad patch, and when they do (not if) how they come out of it will be the barometer that would measure their greatness, or lack of it. They started well last season too, but slumped when results started going in the opposite direction and they never really recovered. 

Is the same fate waiting for them, or have they learnt from their mistakes? The next couple of months will tell us. But for now, we can enjoy their game, even be wowed by it, and yet accept they haven't done anything, yet.

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