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OK!!! This is to outrightly put it out there "Stop Judging People"......
Moh! Breath! Ooouza ooouza ooouza!!!
So I will try as much as possible not sound like what I don't like right now, but when I see and hear some people talk about somethings and people all in the name of "Having an opinion" I sincerely wish that people can be cut open so we can all see what our lives looked like at that point, because really who doesn't have their battles?
Let me Start, why do "WE" think Judging who you barely or don't know is a good thing to do? Just WHY? How did we starting assuming and believing that having an opinion about every post on social media is right?
Why do we think hate speech or comments about a person is even the right thing to do? Why should anyone body shame the other all in the name of "Opinion" and "Comment", when you call somebody fat what exactly was going on in your head? Do you know whether they have a medical condition and they can't venture into "Dieting" at that point in time or they are even trying ? Or when you typed ugly on that post, what is your definition of Pretty, beautiful and stunning? Beauty they say in innate and not what "You" express it to be.
When you hide behind a private page on social media to "Bully" "Body shame" "Judge" and "Dissect" people you don't know, don't you think you are the one with the problem and not them? Don't you think you are been unfair and insensitive, don't you think that you kill people on the inside with your "Toxic" speeches and "Opinions"?
I am sorry but I am not Sorry I refuse to sugarcoat this for you, I really do want to serve you a portion of your own poison, at least you have served it long enough to the world without flinching or batting an eyelid, so take it from me "YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM IN THE WORLD" I read people calling the Ones who have had enough of the "Toxicity" in the world and took drastic decisions like "Suicide"and "Self inflicted pains" SELFISH, really !!! People, They did the only thing that sounded and seem right at that point of their lives, We keep clamouring "Depression" is real and we failed to accept our part of the blames, We Judge, We Body-shame, We give Unsolicited Opinions and even Bash them to their faces, I am Sorry Ye Judges of Social Media, but I had to serve you a bit of your own poison...... And yes you got served or that is what I want to believe
*STOP BEEN A JUDGE" STOP GIVING UNSOLICITED OPINIONS" so the next time you are tempted to give an opinion about someone else's life or post, think it through, will it make or mar the person and the society at large, and the truth is social media is so infinite that you don't know who the person you want to body shame is and where you might need them, all of this has a way of becoming a ripple effect kinda thing and I am doing this to stop the negative effect it might have and let us maximize the Positive effect that comes with "Our Smart Phones and Data" at least that is the reason we do what we do.
Till next time I come here to rant.... Keep up the good and positive vibes. And remember that “Anytime you judge someone you reveal an unhealthy part of you “

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