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The Latest Developments Regarding Trump-Russia Probe

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It seems more and more people are becoming entangled in the Special Counsel Mueller's web. Yesterday, it was revealed that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted with both men surrendering themselves to the authorities.

The latest member of Trump's team to under scrutiny is George Papadopoulos - a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump Campaign. Unlike Paul Manafort and Rick Gates who have both pleaded not guilty, Papadopolos has pleaded guilty to his charges.

While working as an adviser to the Candidate trump, Papadopoulos met with at least two Russian agents and tried to engineer a meeting between Russia and Trump Camp. In an email chain now used by the FBI, he told senior members of Trump's campaign about meeting with the Russians and asked if he should proceed.

A professor, whose nationality is yet to be revealed, but who was working for Russian interest, sent Papadopoulos an email, telling him Russia had "dirt" on Hilary Clinton. This was a mere 6 weeks before Trump Jnr set up a meeting at Trump Towers with three Russians for the same reason.

Donald Trump has took to Twitter to disprove the allegations, insisting Papadopoulos was a low level volunteer in his campaign.

But pictures has surfaced with him (Papadopoulos) in a meeting with Senior Trump campaign officials that included Trump himself, Sessions, and then Campaign chairman - Paul Manafort.

The whole scenario has left many in the West wing of the White House scared, not knowing who is getting arrested next. There are also wide spread reports that Papadopoulos might have, in collusion with the FBI, recorded his conversations with members of the Trump camp over the summer, making many jittery.

We will keep you updated as events unfolds. 

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