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Zainab Umar Final Year student dies of snake bite at Umaru Musa Yaradua University

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Zainab Umar, a final year student of the Department of Economics at the Umaru Musa Yaradua University in Katsina has reportedly died of snakebite.
The student was said to have been bitten by a snake in the school premises on Friday, October 13.

A friend of the deceased, who spoke with Pulse on the condition of anonymity said she was given an injection at the school clinic but she could not still sleep throughout the night.

"When we got to the clinic, we met some nurses, there was no doctor, later on, they called the doctor and when he came they gave her one anti-venom and the inscriptions written on it reads for all kinds of snake. But all through the night, she was not able to sleep, she was shouting and we took her back to orthopaedic centre. It was around 5.00 in the morning and that was when they dressed the leg.

"Blaming the clinic for her death due to the official's inattention to urgent matters, she said most of the time when you go to the clinic, some of the nurses would be asking you if you are drunk. Like the other day, I was very ill and I went to the clinic to get drug but I forgot my clinic card, They asked for the card and I told them I forgot it the next thing they said was are you drunk? One of the pharmacists was asking if I was drunk, they don't even listen to students."

Confirming Zainab's death to Punch, the University's spokesperson, Fatima Sanda said “Zainab died on Sunday in her home. She was bitten by a snake on Friday and was treated at the University Health Centre immediately. Her parents came to pick her the following day, which was Saturday. What we heard this morning (Monday) is that she died. The university authority will issue a formal statement on the incident tomorrow (Tuesday).”

Sanda however cleared that Umar died in her residence and not on campus.

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