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Defiant Mugabe Plunges Zimbabwe into Political Uncertainty

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Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has thrown the country into outright crisis after he failed to announce his retirement at a national address he gave late on Monday. 

In the address, around 30 minutes long, Mugabe remained defiant, both to the military, his party and thousands that marched across the country

The 93 year old former revolutionary said: "I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party, given the failings of the part, and anger they might have triggered in some quarters...but I am confident that from tonight, our whole nation will put shoulder to the wheel."

Although, Mugabe believed the coup carried out by army commanders last week was done because of deep concern for the stability of the nation, he said the country "cannot be guided by bitterness or revengefulness which would not make us better." 

He also made it known he would still head a special congress of the ruling ZANU-PF which is scheduled for next month, openly defying his party who insisted should resign immediately, or they would try and impeach him. To do that, they need a two-third super majority in the parliament.  

The former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was sacked 13 days ago in a move believed to be geared towards making first lady, Grace Mugabe, heir to President after Mugabe, has been appointed interim leader of the party and is also expected to take over from Mugabe as President. 

Mnangagwa, and other Military leaders, some even present while Mugabe was giving the speech,  were stunned by it, and many observers have ndicated Mugabe might have steered away from the prepared speech, or purposely omitted pages. The streets of Zimbabwe was the same as many citizens, unsure of what this poses, were scared the nation might be plugged into further chaos. 

Mugabe, who has been ruling the small Southern African nation since independence has seen his influence eroded after his wife, Grace Mugabe, and twenty cabinet members loyal to the couple were sidelined and many detained by the coup. The whereabouts of many of them is currently unknown. 

How Zimbabwe navigates this period is now of great concern for regional bodies who now fear the Military, having tasted power, might be reluctant to relinquish it voluntarily, as well as the unconstitutionality of the coup that brought them into power. 

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