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Mitch McConnel Believes The Women, Asks Roy Moore To Step Down

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Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel has said he believed the women who accused Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore of child molestation and sexual assault. 

McConnel joins the rank of many others, including Republican leaders who have asked the Alabama native to step down after four women - Leigh Corfman, Wendy Miller, Debbie Wesson Gibson and Gloria Thacker Deason accused the former judge of pursuing them teenagers when he was in his 30s, and even went as far as undressing Ms. Corfman and forcing her hands on his crotch. Ms. Corfman was 14 at the time. 

Mr Moore, who is expected to run against Democratic Candidate, Doug Jones for the Senate seat in Alabama in a December 12 special election, but now faces increasing pressure to withdraw as the fifth woman accused him yesterday. 

The latest woman, Beverly Young Nelson, speaking to a room packed with reporters said Mr. Moore, who was at the time a prosecutor in Etowah County, Alabama, attempted to force her head onto his crotch, resisting her plea for him to stop. She said it happened one night after her shift ended at the restaurant where she was working. She teared up as she told them she was 16 years-old when it happened. 

Mr. Moore has denied all allegations and insists it is all a witch hunt to tarnish his image. But that tactics is having little effect in Washington where many including head of the Senate Republican Campaign arm - Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado has asked the Senate to vote to expel Mr. Moore based on ethical and moral grounds, even if he won.

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