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Voters In Major US. Cities Reject Trump In New Elections

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Voters in America delivered what is their first rejection of Trump politics, rhetorics and policies Tuesday at the Polls across major Cities in America. Riding on the wave of the President's unpopularity, the Democrats won the Governorship seats in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as an heavily contested Mayoral posts in New Hamshire. 

Virginia, in particular, was a crowning success for the Democrats, who have now succeeded in turning a once swing state into blue one. Democratic candidate Lt. Gov Ralph Northam who is an Army veteran defeated Republican candidate Ed Gillespie by 9 points, the widest victory of any Democratic candidate in the state for decades

Mr Gillespie, who although didn't have Trump campaign for him live in the state, was endorsed by the President. The Republican candidate used to be known as an establishment Republican but did a u-turn and followed Trump's blueprint for his campaign. He infused the President's message on Immigration, Confederate flags, e.t.c, and it was promptly, if not forcefully rejected in the polls. 

In New Jersey, where the incumbent Chris Christie was given an unceremonious exit from the state house, Democratic Candidate and former Goldman Sach Executive Phillip D. Mulphy defeated Republican Lt. Kim Guadagno by an equally unprecedented margin, although National level republicans blanketed the New Jersey election due to incumbent Chris Christie's unpopularity. 

Going to mid-term elections next year, this should buoy Democrats who have their own issues after recent reports indicates the party favoured Hilary Clinton over her primary opponent Bernie Sanders during last year's heavily contested primary. 

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