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Celebrity Drama Kings and Queens of 2017art 2)

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By Seun Olaniyan

The battle for the throne continues in this second phase.There are still more celebrities that are deemed worthy candidates for the drama king and Queen crown.The remainder of celebrities will be highlighted in the preceding paragraphs.

         Dammy Krane  is known as an entertainer and music act,but has been in the news for non musical reasons recently.Signing for DMW after leaving spinlet,under the hypertek umbrella.

The musician was arrested in the United States for theft,credit card fraud and conspiracy.He was later released on bail after sometime,and his detention didn't deter him from moving on as he even released a single based on his experiences and how critics bad mouthed him.The entercraner hasnt been discrete with his appearances on media as he was taunted to be more of a credit card fraud and comedian than a musician.

         Toke Makinwa who is an entrepreneur and an author knows how to yield profits from her experiences.Her book 'unbecoming' which contains her life experiences is a best seller and was well received in all parts of the world.Part of her claims in the book was that her ex hubby infected her with Sexually Transmitted Disease and other accusations that didn't go down well with the husband.She has gotten a divorce and has moved on,but that didnt  stop her from throwing shades at her husband whenever the occasion arose via interviews,posts,memes and so on.

         Hush Puppi is widely known as an illegal Gucci ambassador. He is obsessed with Gucci and his efforts didn't go unnoticed as Gucci gifted him a birthday cake on his last birthday. He has come under fire with the likes of Kcee,Ice Prince,Phyno.

Ice Prince renamed him as 'Wash Puppy' during their war of words.. And Phyno also dedicated his verse of 'telle person'  in which Timaya featured him,Phyno thereby signified him as the dog in the video.His expensive taste for luxury has been questioned and Kcee personally quizzed his occupation.Even at that,hush puppy still goes about the internet repping Gucci and throwing indirect shades at trolls.

           T-boss can be described as the queen of seduction, she swayed Bassey to eviction during their stay at the BB naija house.Her compelling aura seems to work well for her as she always manages to trample men under her foot with her seduction power.

She uses her emotions as a weapon and her irresistible body as a tool.She is a regular on the internet as she is always seen with different shades of people as she has her fans ravishing for more of her with her semi nude photos.She also knows her onions by using her emotions to unfold drama at the expense of her prey.

         Femi Fani Kayode is a critic of the ruling party APC and is known for his outspoken criticism of the ruling party after failing alongside with The Peoples Democratic Party.After his encounter with The anti graft agency,he became the mouth piece of the seemingly dead party as he always seeks to open every weakness of the ruling party.Femi Fani Kayode has also switched parties during the time the going was good for the former.His drama on the internet only spices the belief of the desperation for power by politicians.

         Daddy Freeze has been trending all through the year for his "Free the Sheeple" slogan.He attacks men of God at free will with the intention to open their so called evil secrets according to him.He has also claimed that tithing is wrong and has no biblical backing.He stated that tithing was an avenue for pastors to rob the the congregation off their hard earned money.He is a well known wife beater and alcoholic, which perplexes people why such an example should lead his sheeple.He is well versed in the bible and it is also known that the devil knows every nook and cranny of the bible too.His obsession of bringing down pastors cannot be over emphasized as he forgets to be obsessed with his personal life.

              In your own opinion, who wins the crown of Drama queen and king for the year 2017.The dramas unfolded by all these celebrities cannot be undermined.

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