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The FBI Defends Itself After Trump's Rebuke

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Christopher A. Wray, the FBI director, has defended the agency after the President Tweeted that the Bureau was in "tatters."

Mr. Wray, who was nominated by Trump after the President fired Comey, in an email sent to the agency's 35,000 agents and staff thanked them for their professionalism and said "It is truly an honour to represent you." 

"We find ourselves under the microscope each and everyday - and rightfully so. We do hard work for a living." 

The President had accused the FBI and its agents of having a bias against him, and asked when they would do same for Hilary Clinton. The 45th President of the United States was reacting to the news that his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was co-operating with the FBI in the case about the Trump's team collusion with Russia before and during last year's election which Trump won. 

The tweet by Trump resulted in a thunderstorm of criticism and assertions about his role in obstructing justice, especially after he also tweeted that he fired Flynn for the same reason. His lawyer, trying to obscure the charges and exonerate his client has denied that Trump himself wrote the tweets. 

While Special Counsel, Muellers investigation gathers pace, it isn't clear how the obstruction of justice's case the President's detractors want to charge him with, will pan out, although Trump himself isn't helped by his own confessions that he fired Comey because of that "Russia Thing." 

The FBI director ended his mail with: "Keep calm and tackle hard," 

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