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Hijab Wearing Law Student Denied Entry to the Nigeria Bar: What The Law Says

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Amada Firdaus, a Nigerian Law student has been denied her call to bar after she insisted on wearing a hijab during the ceremony

During the ceremony, which took place at the University of Ilorin, Ms. Firdaus refused to remove her hijab, with the wig on top while the law school insisted there was a strict dress code every one must adhere to, and hence was refused entry.

Ms Firdaus said the action violated her rights of freedom of religion protected by section 38 of the 1999 Constituition of Nigerian as amended.

This was first brought into the public’s consciousness by an Instagram user – Ruqayah Atinuke, who allayed her dissatisfaction with what she described as the poor treatment of Muslims in the Law profession.

In the post where she tagged lindaikeji, soundsultan, omojuwa, and others, she made her case for freedom of religion and insisted wearing hijab for muslims is mandatory, and not an option.
Many Nigerians, especially on social media have joined the conversation, either in support of her actions or against

But what does the law says regarding a case where constitutional right clashes with institutional law? 

It says in any scenario where constitutional law clashes with institutional law, the former supersedes the later. And the constitution gives every Nigerian the right to religion.

While there are further arguments regarding right and privilege, and when to dissent or not, or even the fact she knew what she was getting into, yet went ahead with it, doesn't and shouldn't negate what the laws says. 

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