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Importance of Basic Needs

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Olaniyan Oluwaseun
The country has failed in the war against corruption and crime as agencies,panels and commissions have been set up to curb criminal activities and corruption processes.Loots are being recovered on a daily basis but the circle seems unending as looters still device stronger means to steal more funds.

        Robbery,theft,murder and other criminal activities are on the high as the laws preventive measures seems to bear no fruit.

          What could have been the cause of the outrage of crime and corruption?.Crime and corruption cannot be completely eradicated in a system but can definitely be curtailed to its minimal effect.

           Robbers,thieves and burglars commit crime for their livelihood while looters steal funds to secure their future.As simple as the preventive measures for all these heinous crimes are,the government have failed in detecting the lasting solution to such crime...provision of basic needs.

           If the government provided basic security needs and made it accessible to the grassroot,maybe...just maybe the nation would have been as peaceful and orderly as Heaven itself.

           Basic needs such as:food,shelter,clothing will bring a high sense of contentment,thereby satisfying their immediate want in other to fulfil their life time goals and visions.

            We have had cases of petty thieves and stealing for just food in order to survive.Hence if those needs were at peoples disposal,there will be reduced crime rate,as survival will no longer be a bother to the masses.

             We can't imagine the capability of a hungry man and the length of his desperation.Food,water and shelter should be a civil right of every citizen and also the responsibility of the government to plan out strategies of distributing basic needs,instead of using budget and funds to build statues,throw elaborate parties,purchase exotic cars and jets at the expense of the masses that voted them into power.

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