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Going into the the Alabama Senate elections, Roy Moore was already an historically unpopular candidate, yet, even as a candidate with an unwanted, and repugnant history with under-age girls; pro white supremacy leanings, and a CV filled with mis-stepped, both on the rule of law, and policy wise, what nailed the coffin was his choice to go with Trumpism at it very weakest.

When it seemed the President of the United States was immune to criticism and that whatever he does, there look to be a shock-absorber, especially from his base - mostly average-aged white, rural dwellers in places like Alabama, he was pegged back, and in an emphatic fashion, too.

When Trump rode into office on a gallop of policies, views and rhetorics that represented a narrow view at best, many feared that might be the dawn of a new chapter in American politics. And while he has been under the spotlight and intense criticism from the start, he has managed to, at least to a large extent, remain unruffled - politically, at least. 

This was made possible by his base who largely stood by him through thick and thin, and wholly bought into his conspiracy theories that there was an agenda against him The theories, aided no doubt by the conscious culpability of FOX NEWS and Steve Bannon's Breibart Newspaper, largely fuelled the whole notion and perception of "fake news'' - a snippet of Trump's numerous early morning twitter rants against any Media house that didn't paint his orange hair in shinning light. 

Until this last Tuesday. 

Yes, Trump failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. He administration is yet to pass a major legislation and has even failed to appoint people to many important roles, yet, this may truly be Trump's first real defeat. 

Why many pundits have said this many atimes about Trump during his mostly rocky eleven months in office, this may truly be the once where the case merits the word. Alabama hasn't voted for a Democrat in decades, and this was a state where Trump won easily, but who now seem demoralised by all what is happening in Washington. Voter turnout was down 45% amongst core Republican base that it was last year. And that cant be good, obviously. 

Maybe the disaster that was the Republican health plan is finally catching up to them, or the report about how the current Republican Tax plan would take from the poor and the middle class and give the rich has had an effect. We cannot say for now, but one thing is clear is that, while Trump has since lost independents, who probably swung the vote to him, his base is also beginning to tire out of all the incessant stories about the President. 

I think though that the most important factor is probably voters energized by what they regard as a disgrace of a Presidency, and are doing all they can to make sure they oppose him and fight for whatever they believe in.  

Like Brexit, which turned out to be the rallying cry for nationalist movement in the United States, Trumpism is dying a premature death at our very eyes and why we still have the KKK and many Republican voters who believe in his anti-immigrant, sometimes racist tendencies

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