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OLIC4: Olamide, Yomi SARS and the Dark side Of Social Media

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Yesterday, social media was agog with the rumour that Yomi Sars, the infamous SARS operative, was set to perform at Olamide's concert that held at Teslim Balogun Stadium, and many went with it

And as usual, Twitter went ahead with what it does best, spread the rumours, and do it with utmost certainty, and their superiority complex or believe they are the height of human knowledge, understanding and intellect. 

In case you haven't noticed, Twitter has a dark side, one that is hateful, vengeful, irrationally negative and bent on destruction. And on Sunday, they were in full flow with their anti-Olic agenda. It wasn't enough that they couldn't stand Olamide the artiste, they proved their hate and dislike for Olamide the person by going for his hustle and success. 

My first introduction, or dare i say peek into that shadowry side was two years ago when news broke out that Wole Soyinka had said some things against the Igbo tribe. And hell was let loose. From where i stood, it looked as if people already had something against him, and were looking for a slight to attack him. Twitter burned with anti-Soyinka agenda and the hatred was palpable and was obviously beyond being a reaction to what he allegedly said. Worse still, our so called "Twitter intellectuals" were at the fore-front of the slander. The ones we expected to out-think the average person on twitter looked to be one of those who have let their irrationality becloud their judgement. 

The accusations turned out to be false, and all of them, instead of apologizing for not using their brain power and asking for facts before jumping into conclusions, still found someone else to blame - the peddlers of the rumour in the first place. 

We need to separate our hate for someone's art and our dislike for the person. It isn't wrong not to like someone's music - art is emotional, and everyone can't possibly like the same piece, but when it goes beyond that, and you elevate that to the person, or irrationally wants him to fail, at that moment, you are operating from a dark side. A side so dark the rays of hope and accomplishment can't get through to.

Children, while been an example of unblemished love, also show a certain irrationality that beats the adult, and annoys him no end. Yet, that same irrationality is evident on social media, where hope, love, understanding, humility are believed to be tools of fools, while hatred, abuse, gang-ups and bitterness are lauded and showcased. 

Infact a whole business model was built on that irrationality. Trailer Jam Show and its ilk are focused on such irrational behavior where we attack each other for others amusement. We all think it is funny until we find ourselves at the end of the spectrum and it looks like a whole nation is laughing at your expense, and seem to not care about how we feel. 

You don't have to like Olamide's music. I, for one, have a lot of issues against certain aspect of his art, or his progression as an artiste, but i respect his achievements, and will forever laud his journey. His is not your average street boy; and he isn't your average rapper, too. 

You can't stop anyone from starting a rumour, but if it is unconfirmed, and all it does is affect anothers' character and livelihood, then you should desist from spreading it. 

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