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Perverse Instantiation

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By Seun Olaniyan

The act of  committing a necessary evil for the greater good is  termed as perverse instantiation.

The universe has been plagued with widespread diseases,and there seems to be no cure for these diseases inflicted on the people.

Before the birth of Christ,we were schooled about the plagues God sent to the people of Egypt as a punishment for their crimes against Isreal,but what is the crime man has committed even after the death of Christ who is perceived as mans saviour whom washed away sins and iniquities.

Through various researches,it has been arguably factual that the outbreaks of these diseases are man made.One of the mission of the United nation in 2020 is to depopulate the world.How can this be actualised?does it mean that some individuals don't have equal right to live and survive?

How does the United nations want to achieve this feat without increasing mortality rate?

By releasing incurable diseases and virus into the atmosphere,By initiating more wars thereby increasing death rates which in turn depopulates human.

This inhumane act can not go unnoticed without enlightening the ignorant man that is unaware of the truth,or the man that has been fed with lies on the media.

The Italian court has ruled out mercury and aluminium in vaccines because it causes autism.The U.S media continues to rob us off of the medical truth in a quest to actualise the planned evil for their selfish good.

Diseases spread almost every other day as the causes are not  thoroughly investigated and white man lies are embraced by the media.Diseases like ebola,autism,cancer and many other sicknesses are more like intentional by man.

Man has taken the place of God thereby deciding who to live and who not to live.

Perverse Instantiation has begun and all these facts that are hard to believe by the masses will soon become a prophecy that was once outlined. 

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