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Revolutionary Warfare by the youth

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By  Olaniyan Oluwaseun

Its undeniably a necessity that the Government needs a political upheaval characterized by the wind of change.

The affairs of the country have solely been in the control of the aged and supposedly dependant strata of the society.

      The youths have without a doubt been ostracized from the governing of the state as little or few of them are given major roles in the handling of the government.

       The vibrant youths can be blamed for their inadequacies as they refuse to take up responsibilities to be able enough to handle major roles in the different arms of Government.

       Most youths of today deny themselves the right to govern the country as they get involved in juvenile delinquencies and vices that further give the aged reasons and excuses for not entrusting power unto them.

        The same caucus of people that have been in power right from independence still hold pivotal roles in the government as god fathers and cabals.

        The young and vibrant youths have therefore  short changed themselves into criminal master minds by delving into activities like:robbery,yahoo,thuggery,and even act as tools in the manipulation of the electoral processes.

         This great nation can only reach its potential height if a revolution by the youths occur.In achieving this,leaving evil for the greater good has to be established.They need to desist from being a tool or puppet of the aged that use them for political, financial,economical gains.

           The revolutionary warfare by the youth might not be visible but it's certainty possible and achievable if they set their hearts out to it just exactly how Ghana did.There has to be a stop to the old wagons ruling with their archaic mindset.We need fresh and innovative ideas that can operate in the world of today.

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