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The Conspiracy Theory of Tithing

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By Olaniyan Oluwaseun

Controversies have been on going over the biblical backing of tithing. The author of this controversy has without a doubt been Daddy Freeze,and he has seemed unwavering about his stance on the authenticity of tithing.

       What is tithing?what is the essence of tithing?what are the biblical references validating tithing?.These are questions that seem to be a weapon of mass destruction used as a tool by Daddy Freeze towards Men Of God.

        Before the tithing episode came to play,Daddy Freeze has always not been a fan of Men of God,labelling them "yahoo pastors" that use congregation money to fly private jets and drive exotic cars while the members perish in abject poverty.

          In other to be unbiased in this debate,proven facts have to be stated without any sentimental strings attached.But what is the motive of this trending topic that has driven Nigerians into calling their faith into question?.

          Does it mean that majority of Nigerians are sheeps?,not really sure of their stance thereby going along with any proven theory dished out by any individual even if its a conspiracy theory?.

          Religion should be differentiated from Christianity because being a Christian is more like living in the ways of Christ,in which the church should consist of people.

           Beliefs and value systems should not be attributed to a propounded theory,it should rather be standing right by God from the cleanliness of the heart.Not by what people suggest but by what works for you.Like the saying goes "mind the business that pays you". Regardless of whether or not the tithes are not appropriated to the right sources,its not for man to judge but God.

            The only being that has the right to judge another is a perfect being.One without blemishes and questionable characters.It is therefore suggested that everyone has a right to be opinionated to his beliefs and values without criticisms.

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