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The #EndSARS Rally Turns Out to be Politics Between The Youth and the Government

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There ongoing protest by youths in Rivers state in support of SARS. According to them,there will be increase in killings if you end SARS in the state.

Most interesting part of this #EndSARS is that, as it was heard and seen "The government paid some set to protest against the EndSars with the slang of #SupportSars. 

See Tweets below:
The same people paid N1000 to rally for #SupportSARS will be paid the same amount to buy their votes in 2019.
Funny thing is that the elite will not come out in the sun to vote, come 2019, it's this same cheap voters that'll come out.

Isn't Nigeria wonderful

So there is a protest for #EndSars and another for #SupportSARS on this same day, by youths of this same country. Naaa fam! See why I hate poverty? See why I focus on my bants? See why I have left Nigeria to God? See why I.... NVM

Look at the faces of the people who partook in the #SupportSARS rally.

They are the end result of our enslavement to governments we voted in by ourselves.

Majority of Nigerians can be bought to rally with just #500.
At this point, what we really need to end is POVERTY.

Let's continue with #EndSars protest, the #SupportSARS was only sponsored by some politician, to disorganize our peaceful rally , we must #EndSars

After Nigerians have agreed to protest #EndSARS. Some suddenly made a shocking U-turn to #supportSARS

This is backstabbing!

These are Nigerian youths, they are "tomorrow's leaders"😭😢


A Mammoth Crowd In Rivers State March To #SupportSARS And The Good Work They Are Doing To Keep Rivers State Safe...

#LeaveSARSAlone #SupportSARS

What we are witnessing with this disgraceful #SupportSARS campaign is how poverty can be turned into a weapon by oppressive regimes. The voice/vote of a Nigerian youth costs less than $5. Shame on Nigeria. Shame on Buhari. #ENDSARS

This government said nothing about the SARS issue or acknowledge any issues about their brutality but when we decide to do an #EndSARS rally, they in turn decide to run a #supportSARS rally and pay media houses to get involved. 

What a shame. That’s the Nigeria we’re in. Wow

Nigerian Youths are the most confused set of human being in the whole world. 
One volunteered, one paid 


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