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The UK and The EU reach agreement over Brexit

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The Uk and the European Union have reached an agreement over Brexit, and paves the way for both parties to move their separate ways in 2019, and what their relationship will look like. 

The document, 15 pages long, stipulates the term of the divorce and agreement. The document also move to trash out the three main areas where the EU wants clarity: 

Citizens Right - The deal makes provision for current EU citizen living in Britain and British citizens living in the EU before the official Brexit day of March 29, 2019 to claim permanent residency status. Their families will also be accorded the same right. They will also have right to work and study access medical and pension entitlements. 

Irish Border - This is the main bone of contention that threatened to sink the deal when the Irish, who entered into coalition with Theresa May's government scorned at some wordings in the agreement which they believed would cut Ireland away from the UK. The parties have since agreed to protect the 1998 Good Friday peace accord. The UK has promised to keep to the part of the EU single market rules that are crucial to the Good Friday peace accord, and promised not to impose any new barrier that could affect Northern Ireland. 

Financial Settlement - They also agreed on what will be Britain's final payment as it leaves the EU single market agreement. The figure, according to Theresa May's spokeman is between 35 to 39 billion pounds, and Britain is expected to pay into the EU Budget for two years starting in 2019. 

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