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These Terrence Howard Memes Are What You Need In Your Life, Mayne

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Twitter can’t leave Terrence Howard alone, mayne.

What started out as a request for someone to “photoshop Terrence Howard as a Jedi” has turned into the latest viral meme. After Twitter user @ChuckDSays shared the photo he created, user @FlowsAndolini turned it into a meme riffing off of Howard’s character in “Hustle & Flow,” who says “mayne” just about every other second throughout the movie.

“Ain’t no more Jedi mayne”

— The Righteous Playa From 79th (@FlowsAndolini) December 7, 2017
Since Dec. 7, folks have been having a little fun throwing Howard’s face and “mayne” onto different movies, show scenes and songs, including “Frozen,” “Saw,” and SZA’s “The Weekend.” 

“Do you wanna build a snow mayne?”

— Dree ☀️ (@AhdriTorrez) December 8, 2017
“Say Mayne, you wanna Play a game Mayne?”

— Pascual (@BbellTheSensei) December 8, 2017
My mayne is my mayne is your mayne Her this her mayne too

— The Last Top (@JUSLIKEMIKE863) December 9, 2017
Howard himself even got in on the action. He added a few more “maynes” to the list in a video he shared on Saturday.

“Look here mayne, y’all missed “Iron Mayne,” “Best Mayne,” “Dead Mayne Down.” That’s some bulls**t,” he said. 

Look here Mayne... #mayne #terrencehoward

— Terrence D Howard (@terrencehoward) December 10, 2017
Check out more hilarious Terrence Howard memes below.

“All my life i had to fight mayne”

— Bad Luck Jeezy🤘🏾 (@LouisianaJeezy) December 8, 2017
“Kim mayne, here’s the sitch mayne.”

— N.E.R.D SZN 🖖🏾 (@_AllUpOnThat) December 8, 2017
they took my son mayne

— Ronnie (@radronnie_) December 8, 2017
“Purple Mayne”

— DAKnerys Targaryen (@AdrianNeenan) December 8, 2017
“Simba mayne you deliberately disobeyed ya boy mayne”

— Josh (@corb601) December 8, 2017
Better ingredients, better pizza mayne

— COOL DAD TWEETS 🇨🇺 (@Juicemanji) December 8, 2017
“Rico I’m out! Mayne, my body different....I’m breathing different mayne” - Terrance Howard in Paid In Full

— Ant-Man (@tony_tr3) December 8, 2017
“Mayne how come that mayne don’t want me mayne”

— Josh (@corb601) December 8, 2017
Ay, my left stroke just went viral mayne

— brandon / jinx (@Jersey_Jinx) December 8, 2017
“You’ll float too, mayne” - Terrance Howard in It 2017

— N (@_krownz_) December 8, 2017

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