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Wedding Or Marriage? Cause for unwarranted divorce

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan  

     It is a known fact that couples of today are more concentrated on wedding than marriage itself.After planning an elaborate wedding with the guests coming from far and wide,the marriage barely survives the duration of courtship.

      What could be the cause?.Couples make mistakes of preparing extensively for weddings thereby leaving the fact that marriage is the real deal,while wedding is just a day or two days ceremony that is vanity as far as marriage as an institution is concerned.

       Couples fail to test their compatibility,and even falter in knowing the better half's flaws as to whether they can cope with those flaws.Love is never enough for marriage,because when the boat is rocked by the storm..Love does little to determine whether they can stand the test of time.

        Factors like:friendship,companionship,loyalty,commitment are over looked thereby having preference for the minute details such as wedding plans,ceremony fittings and others.

       Using Nigeria as a case study,more marriages have crashed within the first two years of their union while those that survive it, stay in the toxic relationship until they are domestically humiliated. All these could have been averted if more attention was paid to marriage as a life time goal than the wedding as a one day festivity.After all,the couple are the only ones left after the wedding shenanigans.

        Couples should therefore ensure to understand the flaws,temperaments and other factors that keep their spouse ticking before dabbling into such lifetime commitment.Proper counselling during courtship,understanding the imperfections of the partners will be a major boost,and couples shouldn't ignore warning signs of the 'to be' spouse before marriage because marriage can never be managed.

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