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X-Men Director The Latest To Join Rank Of Accused Sexual Offenders

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Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Garrison Keilor, and now Bryan Singer

What do they all have in common? They have all been accused of sexual assault. While the others have done their heinous crimes against women, the X-Men Director have been accused of sexually molesting a boy in 2013. 

According to documents filed in a Seattle court yesterday, Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting Cesar Sanchez at a party in 2003. This happened on a yacht owned by one of the director's friends. 

The documents alleged that Singer lured the boy into a room on the yacht and then forced him to perform oral sex, and later had anal sex with the 17 year old. He later, allegedly threatened to ruin Sanchez's reputation if he tried to tell anyone of the encounter. 

The director was recently dropped as the director of the Queen Biopic half-way through shooting. It isn't known if he was dropped for the same reason as the one filed in the court document, although the official reason given by the producers was "unexplained absentees." The move is a weird one. It is rarely seen in Hollywood for a movie, half-way through shooting, to drop its Director. 

Singer directed four X-Men movies. 

This continues a current pattern in Hollywood, which is finally addressing a decades long reputation as an haven for sexual predators who use their position and power to assault unsuspecting young women and even men. 

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