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Artificial Intelligence: Should We be Terrified?

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By Seun Olaniyan
Gone are the days whereby movies were fairy-tales that could never happen....These days,they are more like prophecies;such is the case of the invention of robots. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)has been ear marked as the new future of our generation.The nano technology robotics possesses its freewill and intellect which is in line with the human or natural intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machine.It also consists of applications like:expert systems,speech recognition and machine vision.It can be sighted as the robotic version of humans. 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence(A.I) attracts a divided opinion by humans;From the study made by the Institute For Public Policy Research(IPPR),it has been evaluated that thousands of jobs will be lost to the robots and those on minimum wages are likely to be the hardest hit. 

Robots have been envisaged to take the place of humans in organisations and other works of life.The new tech gadget can shop online,play music,check the weather and even participate in manual labour.

They also talk and listen...according to experts,they will gradually have control over our jobs,homes and lives. Humans can be beneficiaries of A.I but does it do more harm than good?What are the assurances that A.

I will not eventually revolt and send humans to extinction?Are we witnessing the genesis of the revelation?. Humans have been left in a state of dilemma of feeling threatened by the creation and existence of these robots.

A.I experts further made claims that robots and humans can make babies creating new hybrid species.

There have been a conflict of interest in the creation of these robots. Ellon Musk has emphasized his fears over Artificial Intelligence as he stated that the robots will eventually become better than human in everything they do.He further stated that their existence is somewhat unnecessary as it will reduce the importance and value of human labour. 

Mark Zuckerberg didn't agree to Musks propounded evaluation about Artificial Intelligence.. He stated that naysayers are only negative minded and enemies of progress as Artificial Intelligence was for the betterment of the people. He argued that their creation was to increase the livelihood of the world at large. The real deal is yet to be seen about Artificial Intelligence as the creation is on going and fully in process.

We humans can do nothing but hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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