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Election Selection

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
The weight behind who and who should be endorsed,is beginning to gather moss.The normal pre-campaign charade of backlashing the others rivals is heating up.Politicians are trending like the latest fashion device just manufactured;just like campaigners,the masses in their agitation aren't true to their words as they are also looking out for an opening of duffil bags in regards to the campaign of election. 

2019 is the year,but it well known that the year before the year,is as crucial as the year.Even though its the same old story we always hear,it always comes out in different schemes and versions.Former President Olusegun Obasanjo just got the media buzzing with him rescinding his loyalty to Buharis course,after advising the president to take a well deserved rest. 

Donald Duke's emergence as an aspirant is a clear initiative to win the support of the youths,after all..He seems to be the most likely contestant.Politicians in office are playing nice by doing things they never did in their terms in office.All these gimmicks are for the grassroot to hand pick them as their election selection. 

As the time approaches, the commoners are the victims and the major role players but they seem not to exercise their power, thereby picking a worthy candidate as they succumb to meagre incentives to buy their votes.

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