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For a Price of a Phone, You can get a Land at Sangotedo, Ajah. Seriously.

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Some of us hold a plot of land in our hands, but we just don't know. 

Ask yourself: "what is the price of the phone in your hands?" 

Or better still, ask yourself this question: "What is the price range of the phone you wish to get?"

An iPhone X costs N670,000 while a land at Sangotedo costs N600,000.  

A land or a house, like many will tell you is one of the best investments there is. Unlike many other things, a land appreciates instead of depreciate.Yes,getting an iPhone is great, but why not a land at
 Sangotedo, Ajah? 

Well, just imagine coming to your dream house in a serene environment,safe and close to the hub of the City's metropolis? Imagine an area where your Children are able to get the best of education and extra-curricular activities that elevate their mind and speaks to their dreams? 

The Lands at Sangotedo and Ajah axis is the answer to all your questions,including the one about the phone. The serene,secured and gated community is the perfect place to start a family or even retire without the problems of all the hassle inherent in buying lands in Nigeria.It is located very close to the new mall and airport that is near completion.

For Enquiries,please Call or Whatsapp this Number: 08079220063.

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