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Is this the End for Ibrahimovic?

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
After enjoying an illustrious career in different clubs from different countries, Zlantan
didn't have it all smooth and easy.He played for great clubs such as: Ajax, Inter Milan, A.C
Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, PSG and now Manchester United; He has had his ups and downs in
few of the club he played for.

Zlantans ego has been a make and break characteristic for him.After starting his football
career in Ajax,he snubbed Arsene Wenger's call to join Arsenal football club and never regretted
the decision. The same ego that led him to greatness was his undoing at Barcelona where he
had a spat with Pep Guardiola over difference of principles.It was obvious that he couldn't share
the same dressing room with Lionel Messi because of his pride in taking over every dressing
room he arrived at.

He went further to enjoy spells in other leagues and clubs with those clubs managing to
feed his ego by making him the main man of the club.Zlantan is no doubt one of the finest
footballers that ever grazed the surface of the earth with his rare qualities and skills being
second to none.But the "Lion" as he describes himself has emphasized that he is the greatest
footballer in the world.

Nearing the end of his career,He took up another challenge in England where he enjoyed
the first season as Manchester United's highest goal scorer and main man.The remainder of the
season was plunged by his anterior cruciate ligament injury that deterred him from playing the
Europa league finals that his team mates won.

He still didn't give up as he came back from injury earlier than anticipated.In his words
"Lions do not recover as humans";he got back with so much expected of him as he was given
the iconic number'10' shirt as an upgrade of the previous number '9' shirt he wore the season
before.But fans expectations were cut short with his return,as he did little or nothing to usurp
the main striker Romelu Lukaku.

Zlantan had boasted that he was coming back to win the league with Manchester United
at the age of 36;but that hasn't happened as Manchester United is languishing behind their City
rivals on the premier league table.His impact has not been felt as expected and he is back in the
injury list.Was it that Zlantan was rushed back a little too early? What was the reason for his
return before the proposed time of recovery?What happens next to the once indispensable King

Rumours have been ongoing of him leaving for the MLS or China;and all these would have
been avoided if he was given ample time to heal.His footballing career that was always on the
rise has started to give a diminishing return.

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