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NASA finds Water in Mars

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NASA have found water in space, and it is easily accessible. 

So, can we go now? 

Maybe not so fast. 

The discovery was made to the public through a Science journal. The lead author, Colin Dundas of the U.S Geological Survey's Astrogeology says: "there is a shallow ground ice under roughly a third of the Martian surface, which records the recent history of Mars. What we've seen here are cross-sections through the ice that give us a 3-D view with more detail than ever before." 

What this means is that, should humans decide to change planet and go to Mars, evidence suggests there is abundance of water to use and live on. Infact, the report even suggests that someone can go the the ice ground and scoop water for use. This is also good news for Astronauts as they can make rocket fuels from the ice glaciers. 

The discovery was made using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). 

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