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Nepotism and Tribalism in Nigeria

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
Nepotism has been a known phenomena that has been in play right from time. Favouritism has always excelled in every ramification of sectors,companies,institutes,etc.Nepotism can be classified as the favouring of relations,personal friends over others without taking ability but relationship as a criteria.

In the present day Nigeria,it is very rampant for employers to consider one who has a network connection or personal relationship with the employer over one who is skilled for the job. Government parastatals are not exempted as zoning of geographical locations are the criterion for holding a political office."The best man for the job" policy is not regarded and it is largely overlooked as they look out for people with personal relationship in other to have a fair share of the cake. Tribalism has been a major problem in the present day Nigeria.

It has given way to terrorist,militant and pressure groups to come out in the name of tribal benefits only to renege on the main reason for existence..all for their selfish interests. Examples of pressure and tribal groups gone sour are the:boko haram sect,Fulani herdsmen,Niger Delta Militia and so on.These groups wouldn't have come to light if tribalism was curbed to the minimal effect. The existence of these groups worsen the case as they deviate from fighting for their communities into fighting for their selfish interests and greed.

Why prefer another tribe over the other when we all preach 'one Nigeria'? The Hausas have been in the seat of power more than any other tribe due to their obsession with power and favouritism of their brothers or tribe members.If unity is embraced, the nation will be able to gather all resources and allocations for the togetherness of the nation.Budgets and funds are shared biasedly, while other smaller tribes suffer from being exempted. 

The boko haram and Fulani herdsmen sect have murdered millions of people, but they seem to be untouchable because of the cabal backing they receive from above.If technocrats and those that are well skilled do the job,we wouldn't have half baked roads, poor infrastructural facilities and little or scarce basic amenities. 

Tribalism and nepotism these days even go down to schools whereby students of the same tribe are awarded more mark,people of the same tribe are picked for beauty pageants and are also elected into the SUG office.The effects of tribalism is overwhelmingly a silent killer as it eats deep into the fortress of the nations wealth and value

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