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Ronaldinho Retires: An homage to a Genius (SEE VIDEO)

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Football, I believe, should be an escape from the normal day to day drudgery that is life. And at its best, Football is an art - like a form of poetry - a moving one. A call to the beautiful and to the fun. 
If that is what football really is, then very few player epitomises it like the recently retired Brazilian footballer - Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho, at his peak, was a footballer's footballer. To call him a magician wouldn't be an understatement. He was more than a Joy to watch and some of his skills were simply a master at work - a work of sublime imagination that was unfettered, even by the most pragmatic of tactics. 

There are players whose ability transcend mere data, and Ronaldinho is surely one of them. Quoting data when it regards to him is doing him an injustice. So, I wont try to tell you how many medals he won in his illustrous playing career, or how many times he won the player of the year. 

The best way to celebrate a Genius of art is to watch his art. No one bothers about Leonardo Davinci staristics, but we all glare at his work and are in awe of it, same too with the Davinci of fottball. 

See this collection of his skills below to appreciate him. 

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