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Scarcity In The Abundance Of Festivity

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
The euphoria basked around festivity is always on the rise as everybody is engaged in one thing or the other,in order not to miss out on the merriments of the season.But what is behind the madness of the celebration of this date?. 

In Nigeria,we witnessed economic, financial and material turmoil in the country as even the basic needs were scarcely unavailable at our disposal:Fuel scarcity,financial recession, economic melt down,power shortage and so on.

Yet,citizens still strived on to ensure that the day was well celebrated. Even in scarcity of resources, people ensured they created abundance just for the festivity in their households.The average family afforded food and drinks at the very excess... all at the expense of the aftermath of the festivity.After the season,what next? 

The eventuality of Christmas and New year starts to dawn on people as some have gone to the extreme of celebrating such festivity by acquiring loans,selling properties, exhausting savings and so on.It is not that the season cannot be celebrated but not to extreme measures.How about celebrating in moderacy? 

In situations whereby the after effects will hit hard on one, it is really not wise to make it a do or die affair as some try to compete with the purchasing power of others without taking into cognisance that "All fingers are not equal". 

If only some folks could be wise by cutting their coats according to their sizes,they wouldn't have to endure the trauma of the aftermath of the festive season. Work begins now that the holidays have ended,reality has started dawning,as people realise how much they have to triple their work rate efficiency in other to meet up with their outstanding debts. 

If only there was effective planning and sharing ratio on costs and resources,there would have been minimal burden on people.What is the essence of creating abundance in scarcity for the period of a week when there would be scarcity in scarcity after that season? 

It only goes to show us the mindset of we as a nation and the poor decisions we make in cases of merriments and occasions. We are like poor people making rich decisions.

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