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Should Trump be Scared of Bannon's Testimony to Congress?

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With Bannon saying there was probable treason in the way Donald Trump Jnr handled the meetings with the Russians at the Trump Towers last year, it isn't clear what his testimony will be regarding the Trump campaign's dealings with the Russians and whether there was collusion. 

After that statement, it is clear to see why the President was annoyed and why he went out his way to crush his former ally. While their unorthodox style of politics was the glue that stuck them together, it also become a source of tangle that ultimately severed their relationship. 

Trump, a notoriously vindictive person made sure Bannon was removed from his post as the Managing Editor of Breibart, probably the most important role the later cherished the most. 

It isn't sure what Bannon would say in his testimony. Will he still feel loyal to the man he helped put in the oval office or maybe he may see it as an avenue for revenge. 

Bannon, irrspective of his current status, was part of the inner circle of people that worked tirelessly for the campaign and fought numerous battles, as well as help forge alliances. He remains a treasure trove for information about any Trump-Russia collusion. 

Will he tell them the truth or will he water down his testimony knowing fully well that the Republicans in the House Committee will go to the President. 

The real question will be what Bannon will tell the Special Councel Mueller when he interviews him. Trump already seems jittery, evidenced by his taking to Twitter to voice his opinion regarding the Russian investigation, calling it a hoax. 

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