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The Difference Between Love, Lust and Infatuation

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
There has been a huge misconception about Love,lust and infatuation.People have mistaken
one for the other in the name of relationship.

Love can be said to be a deep affection felt by someone towards the other.It is a profound
and caring attraction towards the partner.

So many are quick to confess and profess love to the other without understanding the
magnanimity of the word.Some hugely mistake infatuation for love.Love is a deep
affection,while infatuation is a short lived passion.

Infatuation on the other hand is an intense feeling towards the attraction of someone's
sexuality or appearance.It happens at an early stage and you view the person based on the
figment of your imagination.It is the momentary attraction of one person to the other.

The intensity of feeling coming from infatuation makes it the reason why people misunderstand
it to be love..but as time goes by,the feelings start to diminish.Symptoms of infatuation are:day
dreaming,creating fantasies and mental obsession.

Lust is an immediate gratification and physical emotion to someones physical appearance:
for example.. ABS,height,cuteness etc.Lust is an intense desire for someone and it entails:
urges,desires, needs and wants.

In other to be clear on what your partner feels,there are questions asked to be answered to
ascertain one is in a relationship defined by 'Love',Lust or Obsession.

Do I feel content and fulfilled in the relationship?Am I my true self in the relationship?Does the
thought of my partner make me happy?Do I have peace of mind?If my partner were to lose his
material possession,will I still love him?Am I attracted to my partner physically, emotionally,
mentally and spiritually?Do I feel happy with myself when alone or with my partner?

These questions,if answered correctly can lead you to the right scope of love rather than
misinterpreting Love for Lust and infatuation.The essence of love will forever remain invaluable
and if defined correctly, will help people to be cautious of the kind of relationship they enter,in
order to avoid 'situationship'.

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