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The Evolution of Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship?

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Oluwaseun Olaniyan
The world evolves around everything we fashion,artisanship,occupation,automobiles and so on.We as humans find out that what used to be outdated couple of decades ago,come back to be trending in the present day.For example:hairstyles,dresses and even lifestyle. 

With the current enthusiasm about robotics and computer enhanced devices that have started making manpower almost irrelevant, people are beginning to lose their job on a large scale as companies cut humans off to save cost. 

Right from the days of the early men,craft was a means of livelihood and creativity that served as a wager for continuity of life process. The dexterity of this crafts were under emphasized as technology began to stress other means of creativity and livelihood. Now that people are left without a job and means of survival, there are only two means of job security, which are:entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. 

Entrepreneurial skills work perfectly when there is a knowledge about the trade one intends to dabble into,but it usually requires capital,no matter how large or small;but capital is a luxury that the common cannot afford in most cases,which brings us to crafts. 

Craft being a hand skill set,is quite natural and affordable as the likeliest of expenses are tools that can be improvised. Technology brought about mechanisation in craft, but before then, man had means of making use of what they had to create what they wanted. 

Artisanship like farming, artistry,hair dressing,sculptor are rare qualities that have been overlooked over the years because of the convenience of this modern day.But as things go right now,its only wise to make a choice between entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.

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