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The Genesis of Sex Dolls

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
Sex dolls are the new bae in the world at large as it is taking over the essence of the female
race. It is quite unbelievable with the way robotics are changing the face of the globe.

Sex dolls are a kind of sex toy in the shape and size of a sexual partner for the aid in
masturbation. These sex dolls are almost exclusively a guy thing as it is only female sex dolls
that are rampant. Barcelona has replaced women with sex dolls; and Japan has also followed
suit as they now publicly have sex dolls in brothels in place of prostitutes.

Manufacturers of these robotics claim that people are already forming a long term
commitment and allegiance to the sex dolls by tying the knot with them.Some doll owners are in
love with their dolls as it is less liability for men due to their attribute of not nagging, something
that the female race does often.

Not all dolls are created equally with some made of vinyl,while others are fashioned of
silicon and feature metallic skeletons to make it humanly enough.These sex dolls are realistic
and have sophisticated movements to sway doll owners of convincing them that they are an
exact replica of a real woman.

These sex dolls have its fans while it also has its critics too.Some quarters believe that
these robotic movement will turn out to be rebellious and become beyond human control.

What is the essence of these sex dolls?What are the likely benefits? Are these dolls going
to bear fruits for the whole of humanity?.All these unanswered questions create doubt in the
mind of a common man as technology is beginning to form a new world order. 

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