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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan 
Since 2006;the trend of social media has skyrocketed to a great number of users.But
social media has come as a tool and weapon used;people have used it for a meaningful
purpose while others have used it as a devilish means.

Social media is a medium that allows social interaction and networking. But what harm
and good has this networking created? 

Researchers have it that,spending more than two hours on the internet leads to poor mental
health.Youths and adolescents of today have become internet addicts,whereby they can't do
anything without the social media. It has stepped up to be some sort of mini -god that youths
and teens worship.

In the bad part of social media,it makes one vulnerable to cyber bullying whereby trolls
take the joy in criticising and shaming other people.Social media also decreases ones privacy as
you tend to post all your private dealings on the internet without keeping the private life
discreet.An ugly of the media is that,you tend to have hardtime with face to face interactions,
because the relationships established on the media are not in person;this inability to interact
can cause a brain disorder leading to one thinking he/she is hexed,not liked by people or not
socially accepted. 

The goods of the social media are many but have been overshadowed by the bad and
ugly in recent times.One of the goods are;it changes the way we perceive the world and it also
enhances connectivity and networking with other relevant and beneficial people in the world at
large. Social media informates and updates on the events and happenings around the world.It
can also be used for a noble cause by seeking initiatives like:NGO"s and social welfare. The use
of the social media helps a lot in the gospel of these noble causes as they are
retweeted, regranned and so on,in other to create an awareness for those campaigns.

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