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The invincible Blues humbled by The Reds

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
After 30 games unbeaten, Pep Guardiola finally met their match in Liverpool.The Kops
pressed the blues high up the pitch with determination and tenacity; in order to exploit the little
weaknesses of Manchester City that no team has been able to highlight all season.

Before the start of the match, it looked like a routine Manchester win as usual by
pundits but little did they know that everyone was in for a big surprise.Oxlade Chamberlain
started the goal route with a powerful shot at the bottom of the left corner of the post,Ederson
attempted to make a save but was unable to due to his wrong positioning.The firepower and
dazzling of Liverpool's front trio of Sadio Mane,Mo Sallah and Roberto Firmino proved too hot to

But close to the end of half time,The blues came back to draw level with a Sane
brilliance that was largely down to Karius's cowardice to put his body in line for a parry.The
intensity of the match was further on a high as the blues bullied the reds in the first 10minutes
of the second half.At that point in time,it smelt like a City runaway win.

Within moments of madness and poor defensive handling on the part of
City....Firminho,Mane and Salah all put the ball at the back of the net to cast the game beyond
reasonable doubts.Anfield was buzzing as there was never a quiet time in the stadium.It all
looked done and dusted by Liverpool with a 4:1 scoreline and Klopp decided to withdraw the
never tired marksman in the name of Emre Can.

The complexion of the game changed immediately as Raheem Sterling who was booed
all game long was withdrawn for Bernardo Silva.Manchester City showed why they topped the
English Premiership table log as they tried to initiate a come back from goals by Bernado Silva
and Sergio Aguero but it was a little too late.

If City had been given an extra 5mins plus the injury time given,they surely would have
drawn the match with the kind of bravery and determination to win;but the die is cast and their
record has been broken by an unresilient Liverpool that meant pure business.

Liverpool might have won the game,but City is still on point to win the league as they
lead the table with 15points. It could easily be nominated as the game of the season with the
influx of goals and thrill of fantastic football.

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