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Washington - President Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and only backed off when top White house lawyer Donald F. McGahn threatened to resign, The New York Times

This is the first time that such news is coming out despite the President, on many occasion, voicing out his concern over what he called "conflict on interest" on the part of the special council. After the President told the White House Lawyer about the decision to fire Mueller, McGahn, who has been Mr Trump's lawyer since the campaign started refused to pass the message to the Department of Justice, but instead threatened to resign. 

The office of the special council only got wind of these revelations recently, after they started interviewing some White House Staff on the ongoing case of Trump campaign's collusion with Russia, and also that of obstruction of Justice on the part of the President himself. 

Trump's obstruction of Justice case hinges, mainly, on the belief that he fired then FBI Director, James Comey in a bid to halt the investigation into the relationship between Russia and members of the Trump's campaign.  

When asked about the allegations, the President said: "Fake news"

New York times believes the lawyer refused to do the President's bidding because he thought doing so would irreparably damage the Trump's Presidency. Mr. McGahn also believed the president won't try to do so himself.  

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