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Who are the terrorists?

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
Recently, Fulani herdsmen sprang in a claimed reprisal attack that put the whole of Nigeria in
a state of quagmire.The Miyetti Allah group of cattle grazers have been in the bad books of
genocide since forever.The initiative that was supposed to be taken by the government has still
not been taken.Benue state were the latest victims of the mass murder as the Fulani herdsmen
threw the families of innocent lives into mourning. A mass burial was organised for the lost
lives but that is where it has ended ever since.

The Fulani's claimed that the Benue state government reneged on the grazing amendments
by cancelling and barring all grazing routes leading to the state.Farmers of the lands in which
their cattle's feed have been having issues with these group for a long time,due to the fact that
the cattle also destroys farm crops.

The Miyetti Allah section which are Fulani herdsmen,also bragged about more bloodshed
inhibiting the land if the Benue state governor refused to strike out the anti-grazing law.The dare
devils seem fearless and heartless as they go about their day without any remorse for the lives
they have taken.

The reason why the government is yet to declare them a terrorist group is unknown and
perplexing. The government ordered the IGP to take control of situation but,is that really what is
needed as a solution?. Why will Biafra be declared a terrorist group and the Fulani herdsmen
not;taking into consideration that the herdsmen have shed more blood in triple folds than the

The government was quick to order military action on the biafrans but why not the
herdsmen. Is there some sort of propaganda involved? Is it safe to say that these evil geniuses
have governmental backing?. All these hanky panky is delaying time while more lives are lost as
the day goes by.Who are the terrorists? The Government? The politicians?or the blood thirsty

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