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Who Trumped the Shitty Countries

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan
Donald Trump earlier made an insensitive statement about Africa and Haiti being a shitty
country;in reference to the statement, he got criticized by some sections of people in the
world..but who could have trumped Trumps so called shitty countries?.

A recent lawsuit has revealed that,in 1970;the USA used insect drones to spread viruses to
the so called "shitty countries" as a result of United States biological warfare campaign.These
drones multi functioned as surveillance for spying and biological disease carriers.The drones
that were dragon flies look alike,were named as 'insectothopter'.

The USA are also the architect of Libya's destruction as they were responsible for the theft
of oil,murder of Gadaffi and the ushering in of terrorist groups to unleash terror unto the
nation.It is surprising that these Libya escapades were on going during the regime of President
Obama who has African roots.

USA is known for exploiting third world countries by stealing their oil and natural resources,
thereafter creating a propaganda to wipe off any trail of their crimes. The under development of
the African countries is partly down to USA,taking in cognisance the corruption and nepotism of
African leaders.As the popular going says "When the missionary came to Africa,they asked us to
pray...we closed our eyes,and they gave us the Bible while they took the oil". The United States
and other white narcissist don't give things for free.As a matter of fact,when they want to render
help by giving funds,grants,military backup and so on..it means there is something fishy that
they have in stock.

The African mentality has denied us the brain to see the sun in the rain that we are being
ripped off on a longer term by white expatriates in exchange for immediate wants and
needs.These shitty country is a product of black Americans that make up the man power of the
American economy. Donald Trumps insensitivity and arrogance only goes to show that the
President is not mentally healthy.Its a tale of bullshit coming out of bull'S mouth. m    

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