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#BBNaija Daily Recap: What you might have missed

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It has been an eventful 24hours for popular show, BBNaija. While the aim of every reality show and the essence of one like the Big Brother, is drama and constant talking, the last 24 hours of the show has brought up more than a fair share of that to its viewers. 

In case you missed it, yesterday was the eviction nomination by the housemates, where the housemates nominate each other for eviction. 

That in itself is quotidian and not out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was Tobi nominating CeeC for possible eviction. Of course, those two have what many have tagged an unhealthy relationship, but even at that, it raises a lot of brows. 

Not too long ago, Tobi was CeeC's shadow, and the one person that could actually stand her in the house. While it seems the relationship has taken a sharp turn southwards, and Tobi look to have finally rid himself of his penchant to want to please CeeC at all cost, even at the expense of his own dignity, this latest move by him was unexpected. 

An explanation for it can be Tobi's Loyalty to Miracle. But also, without doubt, he has spent more time with CeeC, and it is only expected that his loyalty should reside with her, and no one. 

While Tobi and CeeC had an impromptu meeting to discuss the latest move by Tobi, and other housemates seems to be sleeping, BamBam and TeddyA were doing something else. In the bathroom, far from where they believed preying cameras would reach, the pair were making out. Unfortunately for them, the cameras still managed to record their silhoette, poised in different positions, moving in tandem, and for an obviously common purpose. 

For a while, there has been an obvious sexual tensionm between both of them, and personally, I find it a little surprsing that it has taken them this long to actually have sex. 

As expected, the act has almost broken the internet, at least in this part of the world. Again, that was expected, yet bewildering, connsidering BBNaija was a show for adults. Last season, no one made out, but this season, we already have at least two pairs caught on camera having sex. 

It can only mean one thing - higher ratings for big brother. 

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