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#BBNaija Recap: BamBam, CeeC and the blue mat parable

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So, what are the mats good for?

The mat game by Pepsi has caused a lot of rancur in the house and the logistics of it has rendered a lot of housemates at loggerheads. Well, the game specifies that once the music comes on, housemates, with their partner, should find a mat and dance on it. The reward is a trip to London. 

So, the mats, which are blue by the way, have become every housemate's shadows - and undertstandably so. The mats are not particularly comfortable or inviting, yet they have become a mainstay in the house. 

So, what are the mats good for? Its importance is related to its reward - and its stark rules. It is what it is. 

What is CeeC even good for? 

Seriously, this is one question most in the house would have asked one time or another, and a question all of us at time have asked times without number. 

Is she intolerant, or are we just, like everyone else in the house, misunderstanding her? Simple question right? 

Maybe not so simple. Sometimes, our first impresiion of someone stays with us longer than every other thing they do after, and we might all just be a victim of that analogy. 
From the get go, we all have come to the conclusion that CeeC is difficult, and maybe thats our default setting. 

Yet, we all can't be wrong. And the more sensible answer is that she is unyielding in her character and slightly (maybe not so slightly) intolerant of others' feelings. So, is that enough for us and everyone in the house to keep ranting about her character, even when it is obvious she is unchanging? 

I think BamBam puts it best when she compares CeeC to the blue mat that won't change colors, yet people have to live with, and even alluding to the fact getting a hypo for the color still wouldn't work. 

She is right. We all have to accept CeeC as a means of our entertainment, and the instigator of drama and talking point in the house. And if many find it deeper than that, then maybe they should just vote her out, or not vote for her at all. Althogh that means Lolu would pay the price for her misdemeanors. 

Its unfair, but who says life isn't? 

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