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How to get a Government job

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By Oluwaseun Olaniyan

Hi everyone!

Here are some links to help you build an awesome Government Resume! First, look through the
introduction guide to get an idea for what OPM has developed. Then, follow the links to your
classification series for awesome buzz words to super-charge your resume. We've included one for the Management Analysis series (0343) to get you started. Remember, there are hundreds of job series in Government. Find the one that matches your career - and go for it!

You've got this!


Introduction to the Position Classification Standards: oversight/classification-qualifications/classifying- general-schedule-
Position Classification Standard for Management and Program Clerical and Assistance Series, GS-0344: oversight/classification-qualifications/classifying- general-schedule-

USA Jobs (where the job announcements are posted):
Sample job search for Management Analyst - 0343:

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