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Manchester United’s #PianoFC moniker beats #BBNaija to top Trend

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When Manchester United unveiled Alexis Sanchez with a video of the Chilean playing a piano rendition of “Glory Glory United,” there was the feeling they were only giving opposition fans credible banter material. That was how I saw it where I stood. And I couldn’t wait.

Look, before going on, If you don’t follow football Twitter, you are missing in on some of the best comical material on the internet, and this is no joke.

The day started badly when United conceded within the first 11 seconds of the match and never looked like getting back into the game. And it got worse when Jones scored an own goal to take the game beyond Mourinho’s team. They were not helped by the Chilean piano player either. And Twitter did what it does best: give us quality banter for the culture.

The new name for the red side of Manchester, according to twitter, is “Piano FC.”

It caught on so fast that it even displaced #BBNaija as the top trending topic on Nigerian Twitter for some hours at least. 

I can only say, thank you twitter. 

Here are some of the tweets: 

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